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Activewear is an auxiliary garment that improves the performance of athletes during sports or fitness physical activities by improving body movement compared to normal clothing. Also, most sportswear are useful for preventing muscle sprains and other ligament and muscle related injuries by having adequate fit and proper support provided by these garments. In addition, the unique advantages of activewear such as breathability, fast drying, static resistance, thermal resistance and chemical resistance are driving its adoption by consumers, accelerating the growth of the market.

Modern affluent consumers want more premium fashion choices to be both comfortable and stylish. Activewear is the fastest growing clothing category in fashion, driven by wellness aspirations and celebrity endorsement on social media.

Growing of Activewear

The celebrity lifestyle: making athleisure mainstream. The distinction between activewear and daywear is eroding, opening the door to new streetwear fashion trends.

According to Allied Market Research, the global activewear market is expected to reach approximately $547 billion by 2024, with a growth rate of 6.5%. It represents an average annual growth rate of 6.5% between 2018 and 2024. (Allied Market Research, 2018)

In addition, the increase

in the use of green textiles and the production of sportswear with sustainable methods are expected to drive the growth of the market in the near future.

The Problem:

Barriers to entry have dropped, and innovative technical fabrication and authentic social media engagement make athleisure a lucrative opportunity for startup and traditional apparel brands alike. Plus, the blurred line provides additional cross-sector opportunities.

  • New brands are entering the market at both ends of the pricing spectrum.

  • Differentiation is essential to keep a competitive edge for demanding consumers.

The Solution:

Wellness is

the new status symbol,

and increasing numbers of wellness-minded individuals are showcasing their healthy lifestyles on social media, posting photos of themselves wearing athleisure apparel for all kinds of activities.

The luxury wellness economy is booming. Wellness has evolved from a siloed lifestyle choice to a new status symbol and an expression of personal vales that spans across all sectors – from luxury travel to prestige beauty and high-end fitness.

Luxury fashion and activewear are no longer two distinct worlds.

The rise of activewear is an example of the increased cross-sector convergence.

The influence of athleisure on luxury fashion is undeniable: it has profoundly changed the way we dress.


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