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Changing the game

Gen Z

Age 13-24




Trend Lover



Changing the world

Sportswear is changing to adopt to millennials who favor traditional, competitive sports, and Gen Zers who prefer sports to be a social, self-care activity.

Gen Z is committed to positive social and environmental impact and their actions back it up. They prefer the brands who is helping

to make the world a better and healthier place.

In recent years, athleisure sportswear has gained traction in fashion, thanks to experience-loving millennials and Gen Zers, thirty-something and under, who value multi-purpose design and pleasure over performance. The worldwide lockdown has equally contributed to the preponderance of ahtleisure as millions around the world have had to spend time inside. Sports practices have followed their same versatile demand. Not all are top athletes but working out remains a priority for them. Paying on average a staggering $112,000 throughout their entire lifetime, American millennials spend more money on fitness than college tuition.

Unlike their parent's generation, they want "quick and easy" training sessions with a solid tribe mentality.

For the previous generation X, sports used to rhyme with championships, TV broadcasts and exercising within an official federation. Contrary to the new generation, they played less sports and hardly ever changed activities.

The search for performance and a competitive spirit were their core motivations and elliptical machines and treadmills a necessary burden. A 2020 survey from UNiDAYS found that 43% of Gen Z-ers who exercise do so from home, with 65% using fitness apps.

While millennials and Gen Zers exhibit differences in how they consume sports, they do share a blurred notion of sports, including non-traditional ones, like fitness, biking or skating and odd skilled activities like e-sports.

Is Gen Z more active?

Gen Z are the most active, with 87% of this demographic exercising three or more times per week, with Millennials trailing just behind them.



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