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Wearables around the globe

As a result, smart clothes are popping up in almost every fashion category.

Examples of the many different types of high tech clothing include:

Smart shoes: Pizza Hut experimented with limited-edition tech sneakers that can order pizza.

Smart work clothes: Samsung has made a smart business suit that can exchange digital business cards, unlock phones, and interact with other devices.

Smart sleepwear: Under Armour's Athlete Recovery Sleepwear absorbs heat from the wearer's body while releasing infrared light to increase sleep quality and improve muscle recovery.

Smart activewear: Ralph Lauren's PoloTech t-shirts connect to a smartphone app to record fitness activity and recommend new workouts to the wearer.

Smart casual wear: Tommy Hilfiger embedded tech into garments to track product usage and reward customers for time spent wearing them.

Smart socks: Sensoria's Smart Socks can detect which part of your feet is receiving the most pressure during your run and send the data to a smartphone app.


Before beginning our design process and after detailed research, we identified the missing features and problems of the products in the market. There are few players in the market at the moment and we want to be one of the first.

After first popping to the surface in 2015, the e-textile and smart clothing segment is still to reach mainstream adoption. Yet, we are seeing the number of companies using innovative technology to create connected garments rising fast.

Wearable X

Built-in haptic vibrations

Using haptic feedback, the smart pants send small vibrations to the body part you need to adjust. The built-in haptic vibrations gently pulse at the hips, knees, and ankles to encourage you to move and/or hold positions.


Built-in ECG, respiratory sensors

The company has developed a connected shirt laced with sensors.

A;long with a heart rate, breathing and, movement monitoring sensor, the shirt is fitted with Bluetoothe so you can pair it with your favorite fitness apps such us Map-Myrun, RunKeeper, and Strava.

Under Armour

Absorbs body heat for faster recovery

Athlete Recovery is Under Armour's clothing line that absorbs from the body and then reflects it back onto the wearer's skin.


Accurate HRV monitoring

The smart clothing piece uses electrocardiogram (ECG) technology to monitor heart rate activity. Aside from offering accurate heart rate data, the sleeve monitors sleep and workout intensity.



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