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WearTechClub is running with Intercontinental Technology

Shaping the future of sports today, WearTechClub was present at 45th Istanbul Marathon, the only marathon in the world run across continents, for the centennial celebration of the Republic.

The 45th edition of the Istanbul Marathon, Turkey's most prestigious running event, took place with great enthusiasm this year.

The marathon offered sports enthusiasts an intercontinental experience where the historical and modern aspects of Istanbul coexist. Run through the stunning views of the Istanbul Strait, the marathon welcomed thousands of athletes from around the world as well as the WearTechClub team. The team attracted great attention with their smart running attire and shared this intercontinental unique experience with all participants.

Taking conventional sports brand TightClub one step further with technology, WearTechClub was established in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University in January 2023.

WearTechClub focuses particularly on wearables and innovative sports technologies and develops smart sports clothing and a smartphone application that tracks users' health data through integrated sensor technology in the fabric that sends alerts when necessary.

Founded in 2017 by Özgül Dalkılıç, TightClub was brought to life not only as a sportswear brand but also as a performance movement.

It is founded upon the belief that every athlete and individual needs the collective strength to achieve their goals in their lives.

Representing the entrepreneurial spirit and energy of young Turkish women in the best way possible, TightClub showcases its innovative vision by exporting to the UK, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Lebanon, reaching more than 25,000 users.

Özgül Dalkılıç, the founder and industrial designer of WearTechClub, commented on the matter:

"The Istanbul Marathon is not an event only important for athletes but also for our society. The marathon takes on a greater importance this year as it coincides with the centenary of our Republic. It symbolizes running for a purpose and creating change. As WearTechClub, sports is an integral part of our lives, and we want to support sports enthusiasts in reaching their best versions. The Istanbul Marathon is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this passion and support the runners. We are proud to be part of this crucial event."

For detailed information, you can visit the WearTechClub website

Please click here to watch the WearTechClub maraton video.



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