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The journey where technology and sports enthusiasm collide

The origin story of WearTechClub narrates a remarkable journey where passion for sports, entrepreneurial spirit, and technology converged.

This adventure began when Industrial Designer Özgül Dalkılıç founded the TightClub Performance Wear brand in 2016 due to her passion for sports.

However, TightClub was not just a sports brand; it was established with the purpose of creating a community.

TightClub is a place where a community believes in the ups and downs of life and coming together to reach their goals, holding onto them tightly. With six years of experience gained by reaching a broad audience in the UK and Europe, in 2022, Özgül Dalkılıç and her team decided to take TightClub one step further.

Through extensive research, the idea of merging wearable technology with sports emerged.

The concept of "performance-based smart sportswear" was developed with a multidisciplinary approach involving designers, engineers, programmers, and athletes.

In June 2022, Özgül Dalkılıç returned to Istanbul Technical University, where she graduated, to seek engineering support. Having been selected as one of the world's best incubators, they entered ITU ARI Technopark's Core Incubation Center and started developing their business model with the support of the university and mentors. The project, named "ActiveWear 2.0," kicked off with training sessions at the incubation center.

The WearTechClub team introduced their project for the first time at the Big Bang event in December 2022 and garnered significant interest.

Out of 2000 applications to ITU Core Incubation Center, the "ActiveWear 2.0" team managed to make it to the top 50. This success led to the establishment of WearTechClub Wearable Technology as an R&D company at ITU ARI Technopark on January 25, 2023.

The process of creating the corporate identity for the brand named WearTechClub began with the examination of reports, trend presentations, and the search for inspiration.

"High-tech and active" words were explored as sources of inspiration to capture the attention of the target audience.

When creating the corporate identity, colors, and fluid forms were chosen to highlight the importance of

"high-tech" and "active" concepts that would appeal to the younger generation.

The logo for WearTechClub began with the use of the letter 'W,' drawing inspiration from patterns on a circuit board to signify integrated sensor technology in

innovative fabrics.

The design team of WearTechClub embraced the concept of creating a product that is "for human being and the future" by designing a logo symbolizing humanity.

The shape formed by the joining of human hands was observed as the most effective

form of communication.

This shape, resembling both the strength of human contact and the wings of a bird, symbolizes freedom.

With the emergence of colors, textures, and inspired images, the WearTechClub logo was designed. Alongside the logo, the corporate identity for WearTechClub was developed.

Different patterns symbolizing technology and togetherness were created by combining icons formed with the letter 'W.'

The creation of the logo was followed by the development of other elements of the corporate identity.

The birth story of WearTechClub tells:

the exciting tale of the convergence of sports and technology. In the coming years, more exciting developments are expected as this brand continues to bring innovations to the world of sports and wearable technology.

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